I have a blog???

How does one start their first blog post? “Hi, welcome to my blog”? “Thanks for clicking the weird link in my bio”? To be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing here, but I’m happy that I am. Starting a blog has been a dream of mine for some time, but I’ve been indecisive af when it came to what my blog should be about. As I’m sure you will learn about me, I have issues with committing to one thing. I have a tendency to want to do anything and everything that I love, all at once. I could dedicate this blog solely to my love for the beauty industry, or to lifestyle tips, or to literally only pics of coffee (I get a lot of coffee so this could have actually been a thing). But I’ve always had a love of writing, and I feel as though this is a good place for me to do what I love. So not to my surprise, I ended up having the brilliantly original and unlike anything I’ve ever done idea to dedicate this to a little bit of everything that I love.

Journalling has become such an important thing in my life. It has helped me gain clarity when I’ve had to make difficult decisions, it’s helped me through unbearable times when I needed to write down the thoughts that I couldn’t vocalize, and most importantly, it’s helped me learn techniques for keeping gratitude and my capacity to dream at the front of my mind, always. If this is the only blog post of mine that you ever read and you never want to take any other advice from me ever again, please take this one piece. Journal. And I don’t just mean go buy a cool and expensive journal that would make a cool VSCO picture, write in it once, and then forget about it. I mean go buy any journal, or dig out the old one you have lying in your drawer that you got as a graduation gift, and faithfully write in it. Tell your journal about your day, and about everything that’s going right in your life, and about everything that’s going wrong. Work through your confusions by writing them down and making lists of ways you can make the changes you are craving. Write down your biggest dreams that you are too afraid to say out loud because they seem too far-fetched. Take two minutes out of your day to write down a few things you’re grateful for. I promise that only good things will come out of it.

Because of the obvious obsession I have with journalling, I decided to start a blog in which I will continue to write about the wonderful and the not-so-wonderful things that life continues to bring me, in the hopes that my victories make someone inspired, and that my setbacks make someone realize they’re not the only one (or at the very least, laugh and be glad it’s not you). Of course, all while sharing my love for all things lifestyle, beauty, fashion, photography, food, and a lot of coffee.

If you didn’t already click out of this screen faster than I could type “pics of coffee”, I hope that you continue to check my posts and that I can add something positive to your life in some way.

xx Jenna



2 thoughts on “I have a blog???

  1. please don’t ever put yourself in a box! I want to hear about all of the topics you love!! My blog is pretty random too because I don’t want to be a food blog but I love recipes and cooking, and I don’t want to be a beauty blog but I love skincare but I mostly want to talk about self-improvement, but also make playlists and talk about the sims??…it’s a whole thing, lol. Keep doing your thing, girl I dig it!! ♡

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