How To Get Inspired

It’s been a minute since I’ve put any work whatsoever into this blog, and to be completely real, I have absolutely no reason for this aside from pure laziness and lack of inspiration. I think that we all go through phases where we feel super happy and excited about life and are ready to take on the world, and other times when we feel uninspired and maybe a little lost in the routine of everyday life. For me, the change of season, along with the transition of going back to school, makes a perfect time for me to make some changes to alter my perspective and attitude. It also doesn’t hurt that fall is my favourite time of the year, and I thrive at this time because there are so many things around me that inspire and excite me. Call me a freak, but I couldn’t be more excited for summer to be over. Bring on the fall candles. Bring on the hot lattes (rip iced lattes cya neverrrr). Bring on the crunchy leaves and the fall fashion and the pumpkin spiced everything.

There’s no better time than now to pull yourself out of the rut you’re in because of the lack of inspiration in your life. If you’re like me, and desperately want to start living a more productive life that you feel excited about, you’re in the right place. Well, I hope so, anyway. I’m no expert, but I’m just going to assume that the things that have helped me will also help you.


First things first, think hard about what it is that you want your life to look like right now. Do you want to be the kind of person that wakes up early every morning to have coffee and read a chapter of your favourite book before you get ready? Do you want to put in the effort to dress up more and go for lunch or coffee dates with new people each week? Maybe you want to eat super healthy and work out every day, or get amazing grades this year, or take up a new hobby. Maybe you have a more long-term vision such as becoming a nurse, writing your own novel, travelling the world, or finding the man or woman of your dreams and having a cute little family. Whatever vision of your life makes you feel most excited, remind yourself that it can actually look that way if you make an effort. Most of the time we’re the only thing standing in our way from having the things we want in life. We look at other people and admire their success and motivation or their zest for life, and then we stop there. We think about how nice it would be to have what they have, but we accept it as fact that that is their life and ours just isn’t meant to look like that.

But we have total control over the kind of life we accept for ourselves.

There are people out there living the kind of life you want to be living, so who is saying that you can’t also be one of those people? Whenever you find yourself feeling uninspired or unmotivated to fulfill the things you want most, remind yourself of what it is that excites you and why you want it for yourself.


For me, the thing that gets me feeling like I’m stuck in a rut more than anything is the lack of change in my everyday life. Over the summer, my life became very boring because I allowed myself to get stuck in the routine of waking up, laying around, going to the gym (on occasion), going to work, and going home. It is extremely hard to feel inspired when you close yourself off from different environments and different people. There is no inspiration in seeing and doing the exact same things every day. So with that, a huge step in becoming inspired again is to switch up your routine and your environment. Even if it’s something as small as waking up at a different time or going to a new restaurant or coffee shop once a week, or buying a few new pieces of décor. These little things will change the way you feel and provide a little bit of variety in your life. For me, living alone over the summer became extremely boring and lonely by the end, so what helped a lot was simply taking my journal and my laptop to a coffee shop and sitting in a different environment for a couple hours. Never underestimate the power of putting on a cute outfit and getting out of the house for a little bit, even if it’s just to grab some groceries or wander around the mall.


As humans, we are creatures of habit, which is why it is so easy for us to get stuck in a boring routine. Pushing our comfort boundaries is not a natural instinct, so we often forget that it is necessary to do so if we want our lives to continue to be exciting. Take the time to actually envision what you want your life to look like, even if it’s just short term. Write it down, tell a friend, make an inspiration/dream board of photos and words that remind you of what you’re most passionate about. Hold yourself accountable to make this vision become your reality. In the meantime, continue to open yourself to new people and new environments that allow inspiration to flow into your life. Treat yourself to a new candle, buy yourself flowers, or try out a fun new DIY for your apartment if you’re feeling down. It’s amazing how much simple little things can get us feeling inspired again.

We’ve all been in that place where we feel like our life has no direction or that we’re wasting precious time doing the same old, boring thing, day after day. But the biggest thing is instead of getting down on yourself, do something about it. Get up off your butt, no matter how much you just feel like laying on the couch all afternoon watching Friends re-runs that you’ve seen a hundred times until it’s time to go to work. Go do something different than you did the day before. Try a new recipe, go take out a new book from the public library, try a new workout class, text a friend that you’ve been meaning to get together with. Do anything and everything you can to create a positive headspace and an open mind, and the rest will follow.

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