Dream onnnnn

We all have things that we daydream about. And I’m not just talking about the shoes you’re dyyyying to buy or the perfect face on that guy in your English class. I’m talking about the real shit in life – the dreams we endlessly think about, but have a tendency to push aside.

When you’re stuck in a boring lecture, struggling to get through another day at work that was the same as the last, or are on a long drive, where does your mind wander? Does it start to give you reminders of how stressful your week is going to be and how you forgot to pick up your clothes at the dry cleaner? Or do you let it go off into a perfect world where you’re killing it at life and all of your biggest dreams are coming true?

It can be pretty amazing if you let your mind go where it has no boundaries or limits. You can imagine things to look however you want them to look. Most of us tend to block out our daydreams throughout our busy day, because it’s much easier to stay focused on thinking about tasks we have to accomplish than it is to waste time dreaming about things that aren’t even relevant to our day. But what if they are relevant and what if you’re not wasting time?

The things we think about when we allow our mind to wander are often the things that we desire most. They’re the things that we don’t always go running around telling others, but we think about them in a “wouldn’t that be nice if my life was like this and I could do this and have that” kind of way.

For the past year or so, my daydream has consumed every bit of me. In every minute of free time that my brain had, it went off to think about a life that I was so curious about and that I felt was meant for early-twenties me. I dreamt of living in a big city and walking down the streets, surrounded by skyscrapers and beautiful people who don’t know my name. I dreamt of sitting in cute cafes and sipping cappuccinos while reading books and writing on my blog (and actually having a semi-large audience who reads it). I dreamt of all of the shopping I could do, and all of the cute photos I could take everywhere I go (duhh). The me that I daydream about is independent, motivated, and wears a lot of trench coats. She puts herself first, and is oh-so happy.

My point of all this is that for a year and a half I have driven myself crazy thinking about the dreams that were swirling around in my mind. I have probably driven my family crazy too. But the one thing I’m glad I didn’t do was push my dream aside and ignore it’s constant knocking on my door. I continued to live my happy little life here in Saskatchewan, while always keeping my daydream at the front of my mind. And now here I am, after finally working up the courage and emotional stability (I’m a very emotional person if u didn’t know), and I’m FINALLY going after one of my dreams. I’m moving to Toronto in January for the sole purpose of allowing myself to fulfill the part of me that has been craving a change like this for so long. I’m packing up and going all by myself, and it’s going to be terrifying, but so amazing.

I don’t know what it might be for other people. Maybe it’s spending a year travelling, getting where you want to be in your career, or even having the courage to start your whole career over and do something that will make you happier. If you have a daydream, big or small, don’t quit it. Put it on the back burner for a little bit if you have to, but promise it that you won’t forget about it. While many of us, me included, have zero idea where our roads will go, I’m almost certain that holding onto the things that make us feel excited about life will help lead it in the best direction.

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