My very first friend.

January 10th, 2018

I’ve officially been in Toronto for one week today. I finally started my job hunt yesterday, and it’s going mediocre-to-well. After my first few days being alone in the city, not wanting to leave my apartment because I was scared beyond belief of attempting to navigate my way around, I’ve finally been taking baby steps. I started out by venturing to the coffee shop that is a measly two minute walk from my place. Not exactly what most would call an adventure, but on my first day alone in the city, that felt like more than enough.

The next day I worked my way to the public library, which was a 20 minute walk downtown. I know what you’re thinking – “Okay NOW you’re talking, you adventurous gypsy”. But hey, when you have absolutely no idea if you’re going in the right direction the entire time, until you finally see the building with rows of books visible through the windows and a sign reading “Fort York Library”, trust me, it is pure adrenaline.

I begin to speed walk to my destination and I’m ready to do some serious resume printing. Little did I know, this would also be where I would make my first friend. I’m using the term “friend” loosely because at this point, anyone who talks to me for more than a couple minutes is the closest thing I have to a friend here. When the guy working at the front desk saw that I had printed off resumes, he began the small talk that one makes while waiting for a customer to dig out exact change for $3.30 worth of pages printed.

“So you’re on the job hunt?”

“Yeah, I just got here five days ago, so I’m only starting out” I awkwardly replied. I’m not a big fan of small talk.

He continues to ask me about the kind of work that I’m looking for, and when I tell him that I am looking for a serving job, he responds with “Oh that’s cool, would you ever be interested in like a job, job?”

Okay buddy and how’s your public library check-out desk job going???

I laughed, and explained that I’m just here for an adventure, not to settle down. He then proceeds to give me contacts for a couple people he knows in the industry. He’s actually a super nice guy, and now I feel bad for being salty at him in my head. We continue the awkward small talk, just long enough for me to feel like an appropriate amount of time has passed before I can leave without feeling like I just used him to help me get a job. (*fast-forward into the future and turns out his contacts got me absolutely nowhere anyway. Thanks for nothing, Garth).

But on my long walk home (it seemed easier to suffer the harsh winter winds than to even attempt to find my way home on transit) I had the biggest smile on my face. I had just made my first Toronto “friend” (*fast forward again and turns out me and Garth haven’t spoken since the day after the night we became “friends”, but STILL) and I had some leads on potential jobs. For the first time since I’ve gotten to Toronto, I finally feel like I might be getting somewhere. Like this was a good idea after all.

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