Earth Day 2019: Zero Waste Kitchen

For today’s Earth Week feature, I’ll be talking about tips for a more sustainable kitchen and zero-waste grocery shopping hacks. I think that there is a huge misconception that living sustainably is difficult or unrealistic or expensive. In reality, like any shift in lifestyle or change of habit, it’s only difficult for a little bit until it just becomes your new way of doing things, and can actually save you money!

Here are a few quick tips for sustainable a more sustainable kitchen!

  • Remember your reusable shopping bags! I keep an extra one in my car now for those times when I forget my bags or if I want to stop at the grocery store on my way home from work. I learned this the hard way after a few times of having to carry my groceries out of the store in my arms because I forgot my bags, looking like a complete idiot. But an environmentally friendly idiot.
  • Use reusable produce bags!! It’s such an easy switch and it makes such a difference. Think of how many plastic produce bags you use every time you go to the grocery store. There are tons of options on websites like amazon, and they’re super affordable!
  • Shop at bulk food stores whenever possible! I didn’t really realize that you can get pretty much every single thing you will ever need at a bulk store, aside from produce and a couple other things. Its easy – save your old jars, bring them in and ask the workers to weigh them for you, then fill them up with all your favourite goodies. Everything from grains, beans, and pasta to spices, flours and all baking needs, to nuts and seeds, to loose teas and all the candies and snacks your heart desires can be bought in bulk.
  • Use cloth or beeswax wrap as an alternative to saran wrap! Again, this is such an easy swap and will ultimately end up saving you money because it is washable and can be reused hundreds of times.
  • Make as many things homemade as possible! The first thing I started making at home was hummus, because I realized how easy it is, and that way I am not wasting any plastic packaging. I’ve also tried making oat and almond milks at home, and have also been making my own granola bars and energy bites as a healthier alternative to store-bought versions in wasteful packaging. I even cut up some of my beeswax wrap to wrap granola bars in so I can throw them in my bag!



There are many more little tricks I could share but these are a few of my current favourites. And remember – it’s not about perfection, it’s about effort and awareness, and doing what you can. In another post I will definitely be sharing recipes for some of my favourite homemade snacks, so stay tuned, and follow my blog if you aren’t already so that you will see them! And if you haven’t yet, check out my previous post about single use plastics!

xx. Jenna


3 thoughts on “Earth Day 2019: Zero Waste Kitchen

  1. YASSS sister! Love all the tips! I’ve been doing some of these for eons (reusable grocery and produce bags) and some I just started (using glass jars and lids). Love the granola bar wraps, super inspiring!

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