Saskatoon Vegan Eats

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a loooong time, collecting photos of literally everything I’ve eaten in my home city. Seriously, put “Wait, don’t touch it yet I need a photo” on my tombstone. So I’m finally getting around to sharing some of my favourite vegan dishes in Saskatoon, and this is only a portion of them. I decided to stick to restaurants and cafés that are local to Saskatoon, rather than include any chain restaurants – I might make a separate post for those someday! While there is by no means an abundance of vegan food in Saskatoon, there are still some amazing options, and I can only hope that they continue to grow!

Starting off with the OG fully plant-based restaurant and food truck in Saskatoon – Güd Eats Inc. This is my go-to place for vegan comfort food, as they have everything from burgers and chick’n sandwiches, to tacos, to fancy loaded poutines, to the BEST mac n’ cheez. Seriously, it’s impossible to choose my favourite thing on the menu. Here are a few photos of some of the delicious food I’ve had at güd! And an honourable mention to a few of my faves that I must have gobbled up too fast to even think of taking a photo (so unlike me, but sometimes a bitch is hungry) – the bourbon bbq burger, güd caesar salad, and popcorn chickn’ bacun ranch poutine are all to DIE for, along with these items:

Tacos! (only $4 on tuesdays!) My favourite are the baja skrimp tacos, pictured in the second close-up photo. They are super fresh, and have the most delicious vegan mayos! Give me alllll the cilantro.

Honourable mention to their vegan “vaesar” – a traditional caesar made with house hot sauce, vegan worcestershire, and a vegan “clam” juice. Garnished with honestly the best vegan bacun, and Chao vegan cheese, it will satisfy your caesar cravings in a world where vegans normally can’t drink caesars.


Southern Fried Chicken Sammie – fried chickn’, gravy, coleslaw, sweet corn, and pickles. The ultimate comfort food.


Basket of Coconut Skrimp. This is probably my favourite dish for sharing at güd – it’s crispy, sweet, coconutty, and the chilli mayo goes with it perfectly. Not to mention, the texture and appearance is freakishly similar to that of real shrimp!


Mini Chickn’ Drummies – every time I have these, I’m so impressed by the texture of the “chickn'”, and how they’re even formed on a little wooden stick to emulate a real chicken drumstick. These come in six flavours, but my absolute favourite are the bourbon bbq (pictured).



Moving on to the most vegan-friendly cafe in Saskatoon, The Karma Conscious Café and Eatery. This café is entirely vegetarian, with many vegan options. It’s small and cozy, making a great spot to do some work or meet a friend.

Very Yogini Nourishment Bowl – quinoa, arugula, onion slaw, falafel, cashew walnut tzaziki, and allll the nutritional yeast


Banh Mi Nourishment Bowl – quinoa, lettuce, tomatoes, vegan kimchi, tofu, and a generous helping of sriracha mayo. Spicy and delicious.


Korean BBQ “Chicken” Tacos – spicy Korean pulled jackfruit, lettuce, avocado, vegan kimchi, and sriracha mayo. These are spicy, so I would recommend an iced latte on the side, made with one of their many plant milk options!



If you’re craving Asian Fusion food, Seasoned Fusion Tastes is the place to go! They are not a vegan restaurant, but they have an entire vegan replica of their menu, which I think is awesome. Most of the time, non-vegan restaurants will offer vegan options for a couple of their dishes, but I love that Seasoned Fusion went the extra mile and created a whole menu. And their vegan meats such as ginger “beef” and sweet and sour “pork” are honestly amazing, both taste and texture-wise. I’ve only actually been inside the restaurant to eat once, but have ordered takeout a few times as well! Personally, I find that when I’m craving this type of food, I’m usually in a mood to be in my sweatpants watching a movie. Anyway here are a couple of the items I had when I dined in!

Spring Rolls with peanut sauce, and Deep Fried Dumplings with plum sauce – both great for sharing!


Ginger “Beef” and Chow Mein Noodles – two of my old favourites when I used to eat Chinese food as a non-vegan. These were genuinely just as satisfying, and didn’t involve any cruelty. Double win.



I think the biggest thing missing in Saskatoon is a brunch spot with vegan options that aren’t dry toast, fruit, and hashbrowns (rip Nosh). Brunch is arguably the best meal, but it is sadly the most animal-product heavy meal, making it daunting for non-vegan restaurants to include vegan options on their menu. However, Poached Breakfast Bistro offers a vegan chickpea omelette, stuffed with mushrooms, asparagus, and Daiya dairy-free cheese. While it’s not the fanciest vegan brunch I’ve had, it’s delicious, full of protein, and a great option for a Sunday morning “lets get mimosas and talk about last night’s bad decisions” meet up.



Las Palapas is a local Mexican restaurant that just makes you wish you were on a beach with a margarita in your hand. The vibe is so cool and the food and drinks are delicious! They have several different tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas, all with vegan options, such as pulled jackfruit and mushrooms. After demolishing a huge plate of guacamole, I had the jackfruit enchilladas (hold the cheese). Paired with a lime margarita, they were so delish!



I’m basically a regular at every coffee shop and café in the city at this point, but one of my favourites has always been D’lish by Tish, because of the cozy vibe, good food, and creative seasonal drinks. After becoming vegan, it has remained one of my favourites because of the number of options they have, from baking, to daily soups, to seasonal drinks. They even had a vegan eggnog option for their eggnog latte this holiday season! This is one of the many delicious vegan lunches I’ve had while doing work at D’lish – house seasonal salad, vegan daily soup (I think it was dill roasted vegetable that day), and house made bread, which is to dieee for.



We’re almost done for now, but I couldn’t possibly go without mentioning the now-closed vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Nosh Eatery & Tap. While talking about their food will probably only make me sad, I must pay my respects. They had amazing vegan BRUNCH, lunch, and dinner options that were so unique and SO delicious. I’ve thought about them every day since they closed. (*sheds tear*)



That’s all for now! I’m sure there will be much more vegan food to be had in Saskatoon! I also have some posts about vegan food in a few other Canadian cities planned for the next few months, so stay tuned!


With love and lattes,


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