Hi! Welcome to With Love and Lattes! Whatever brought you here, I hope that you leave feeling better than before. A little bit about me – my name is Jenna, I’m 23 years old, and I’m currently living in the small Canadian city of Saskatoon. After growing up in a small town, I moved here and studied psychology for three and a half years before finally working up the courage to take a bit of a risk. I left the comfort bubble I had lived all my life in, and moved to Toronto simply because my heart desired a change.

As amazing as that year was, I ended up making the decision to leave behind new friends that had become my family and a new city that had become a second home. This was not easy, but neither was living so far from people I love. And also, school is important and I needed to finish my degree! So here I am, back where I started, finishing my degree while wondering every day what I’m going to do with my life. Ahhh, the life of a twenty-something.

I had hoped that taking a year off from school and completely leaving my comfort bubble would help me find exactly what it is that I am most passionate about. As you might discover by following my blog, that answer is many things. My interest in mental health and human behaviour is what lead me to choose to study psychology, but my passions do not end there. Over the past year I have found new passions after learning about and adopting a vegan lifestyle, which has ultimately lead me to find other interests relating to sustainable, ethical living. I am constantly trying to educate and better myself, and I have found that living for something bigger than myself has brought me so much happiness and a sense of purpose.

On a completely other side, I also love all things beauty, as it allows me to be creative and to be inspired by the creativity of others. One of my greatest passions, however, is writing – it has become my saving grace and my favourite pass-time. Whether I’m writing something for others to read, making lists and filling out my day planner, or writing something merely for myself in the hopes of working through thoughts and feelings, writing makes my soul feel good. I am also passionate about pretty much anything that may come to mind when you hear the word “cozy”. Candles, good coffee, rainy days, romantic comedies, red wine, and a good book. Give me all of it.

I started this blog after I decided that I wanted to try writing things for an audience. I love writing about topics that ignite something in me, and about lessons that I have learned, while also sharing tidbits of my many interests and passions. I hope that at least something that you find here makes you think, makes you feel, or at the very least, makes you smile.

May we do all things with love in our hearts, and lattes in our hands.

xx Jenna


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